Chic Alteration offers quality personalized services to make the most of your wardrobe at affordable rates. When your clothes fit you perfectly, you’ll love your look for less with Chic Alteration. Our goal is to design and make possible your dreams through your clothing.

  • Wedding Gowns and dresses
  • Bride dresses
  • Prom dresses
  • Hems and adjustments
  • Coats and Zippers
  • Other Alteration
  • Or just a botton we can do that as well

Please note that we are not liable for any items given for alterations for more than six months. We will give items that have not been picked up to a charity organization.


Our Services List:


  • Shorten Skirt (plain hem)
  • Shorten Skirt double stitch
  • Shorten Skirt from top
  • Narrow Hem (Roll hem)
  • Taper Sides
  • Change Zipper


  • Regular Hem
  • Jeans Hem
  • Euro Hem
  • Lengthen (False Hem)
  • Take in Waist (regular pants)
  • Take in Waist & lining (regular pants)
  • Take in Waist & double stitch (like jeans)
  • Take in Waist from both sides
  • Taper legs/skirt one side
  • Taper legs one side with double stitch
  • Taper legs both sides with double stitch
  • Taper legs/shirt both sides
  • Change Zipper
  • Change Lining for pants(includes lining)
  • Waist Elastic Replacement


  • Shorten Sleeves regular
  • Shorten Sleeves (move plocket)
  • Shorten Sleeves (keep slite)
  • Take in Shoulder blouse
  • Take in Shoulder jacket
  • Taper back of jacket
  • Change lining for jackets(includes lining)
  • Change Zipper
  • Shorten blouse (regular)
  • Shorten blouse with curve

Wedding Gown Alteration

  • Shorten Lenght
  • Change Zipper
  • Tapper Sides

Prom dresses & Bridsmade

  • Shorten Lenght(Roll hem)
  • Change Zipper
  • Tapper Sides