We want to thank all of you for your continual support and kindness over the years. You have helped us come a long way and we only hope that we can continue this wonderful partnership with all our lovely clients. Here is a list of our policies:

  • Please make sure to choose your desired length of clothing, etc with much consideration as we cannot accept redoes for the length that you have chosen.
  • Please make sure to pick up any items when they are ready as we are not liable/responsible for any items left at any of our branches for 2 months or more after the date they were ready. Such items will be given to a charity organization after this time so please make sure that you pick up your clothing and other items when they are ready.
  • For all other clothing related, other alterations or fashion design jobs we accept redoes for only a period of 7 days after the date they have been picked up (only if the date the items have been picked up is within 2 weeks of the date they were to be ready). After 7 days after they have been picked up (If situation & pick up time is in compliance with the terms in the previous brackets) we will not accept redoes or compensation in any form for workmanship, prices, or any other problems you may have found. In order to minimize hassle you can try your items on or check them before you leave the store.
  • We must also request that you wash your clothing, etc prior to bringing them for alterations. This is for many reasons, including that many garments shrink, and cleanliness and sanitation are of utmost importance in our work environment.
  • We present you with reasonable prices so we ask that you help us maintain our calm and friendly store environment with respectful consideration for the work, peace of mind, and emotions of others, including ours. Our expertise and experience extends over many years and multiple generations. Our work is done under the hands of knowledgeable and experienced personnel. We are experts in our field as you are in yours; we provide reasonable rates so please do not question or diminish the value of our expertise and years of work by/and please do not bargaining, negotiating, or bartering with us.